SynAir-G is excited to invite you to the first hybrid workshop of SynAir-G Series: Improving indoor air quality for healthier children!

The series aim to introduce and discuss the latest achievements of the SynAir-G project and shed light on the importance of indoor air quality in schools, its impact on children’s wellbeing, and possible applications in Research and Development with the ultimate objective to raise awareness on the importance of improving the quality of indoor air and ensure safer environment for children.

In the first episode “Indoor air quality in schools: impact on children wellbeing and the role of research”, we will focus on the current condition of indoor air quality in schools across Europe and explore challenges and needs at local level.

The main discussion will revolve around the impact of indoor air pollution on children’s health and learning, especially when detected in schools. The episode will round off with a stimulating discussion on how to innovate devices and services in the school sector through participatory approaches.

The event will gather notable speakers and experts in the field, including representatives from researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and local authorities that will share their experience, knowledge, and perspectives.

Interested in participating? Register to join in person or online!