ūüĎČ Join KHEALTHinAIR EU Project¬†in the 5th Digital Health Society Summit¬†#DHSSummit23¬†‚Ěó

The idea that interactions between #humans and #ecosystems significantly affect the #wellbeing of both people and the #environment over time is at the heart of the field of #environment and #humanhealth.

Join us at the 5th Digital Health Society Summit (#DHHSUMMIT23)‚Äć to investigate the power of¬†#bigdata¬†and its integrations to unravel the complexities inherent in these dynamic systems and address the growing number of challenges that need to be taken into consideration, to truly exploit these opportunities.

‚úĒ¬†Jose Fermoso Dom√≠nguez¬†(CARTIF,¬†KHEALTHinAIR EU Project,¬†IDEAL Cluster)
‚úĒ¬†Daniele Pala¬†(Assistant Professor,¬†Universit√† di Pavia,¬†BRAINTEASER Project)
‚úĒ¬†Els Ducheyne¬†(Senior Manager, Material Compliance,¬†Johnson & Johnson)

Moderated by Natalia Allegretti, Senior Innovation Project Manager (ECHAlliance РThe Global Health Connector) and Dimitris Georgoulis, Innovation Project Manager (ECHAlliance РThe Global Health Connector).

The 2ÔłŹ‚É£ Day Virtual Summit, organized by¬†The Digital Health Society, promotes the latest¬†#thoughtleadership, showcases¬†#innovation,¬†#research,¬†#EUfunded¬†projects and addresses the latest¬†#digital¬†and¬†#data¬†challenges facing digital health.

#DHSSummit23, with the topic “Connecting the Dots for Sustainable Healthcare: Powered by Health Data & Digital”, will build on almost 1000 registrations from 95 countries across the globe.

‚úÖ +1,000 registrations from across the globe expected for this edition
‚úÖ Free Registration
‚úÖ Networking opportunities