Rotterdam pilot study covers the two approaches proposed by the project:

  1. Follow up of high-risk outpatients with COPD:

The work with the outpatients (50 high-risk outpatients and 60 elderly residents) is focused on analyzing the relationships between patient’s home IAQ and health status with focus on acute health effects. It includes the collection of health-related data such as medical surveillance, PROMS, PREMS, questionnaires and the monitoring of relevant parameters, T, RH, CO2, PM, VOCs and formaldehyde.


  1. Analysis of 2 relevant settings, hospital areas and a senior home (common areas):

The work with the settings, hospital and senior home, is focused on monitoring of the relevant parameters, T, RH, CO2, PM, VOCs and formaldehyde, the sampling of VOCs (including formaldehyde) in the IAQ, the collection of OAQ in the surrounding areas and the use of questionnaires with the staff (because in principle this is the population group spending more time inside these settings).


Leader: Erasmus MC

Contact information: Simon de Leede (, Suzanne van den Toren (