Poland / Austria pilot study covers the approach of analyzing 2 relevant settings, home and schools. Home setting selected in this pilot is different from the one considered with outpatients in Barcelona and in Rotterdam. This pilot studies are focused on searching for the determinants in homes with different systems for cooking and heating and in newer houses.

The work with the settings, home and schools. It is focused on monitoring of the relevant parameters such as T, RH, CO2, PM and VOCs; the sampling of the key health affecting agents such as PM, VOCs (including formaldehyde), microbiome and radon in the IAQ; the collection of OAQ in the surrounding areas and the use of questionnaires with the staff  and children (because in principle this is the population group spending more time inside these settings).

This pilot includes biological monitoring by urine samples to evaluate the presence of PAHs metabolites in homes with solid fuels used for heating.


Leader: Nofer Institute

Contact information: Wojciech Hanke (Wojciech.Hanke@imp.lodz.pl)