K-HEALTHinAIR is an interdisciplinary research project that aims to increase knowledge about chemical and biological indoor air pollutants affecting human health, and to provide solutions for more accurate monitoring and improvement of indoor air quality

Research activities will be based on an extensive monitoring campaign of chemical and biological indoor air pollutants in several highly representative locations in Europe, namely Spain, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Austria/Poland.

Based on research’s insights, the project aims -among others – to significantly expand the ability of policymakers to anticipate, detect, mitigate, and manage the negative impacts of risk factors contributing to the onset of and the risk of premature deaths, especially in vulnerable groups.



To fully leverage the project’s potential in delivering cost-effective and easily implementable solutions for monitoring and enhancing indoor air quality, as well as providing practical guidance for real-world interventions, we are in the process of establishing a robust and lasting Permanent Stakeholders Community. This community will play a pivotal role in offering guidance and direction. They will actively participate in a series of consultation activities aimed at expressing their expectations and assessing the project’s outcomes at various points during its duration.

The goal of this process is to include users’ and stakeholders’ opinions in key decisions, improve knowledge of their needs and reflect this in project development, increase levels of support and enthusiasm for innovation and change, and maximize the degree of end-user satisfaction.

The initial consultation, which will be open to the general public, will take the form of a public awareness campaign. The primary goal is to assess the level of awareness among EU citizens regarding the quality of the air we breathe and its impact on our health.

The second consultation activity will involve experts who will evaluate the user interface of the K-HEALTHinAIR Open Access Platform


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